Jonathan mechanicus
Having built successful careers in audio postproduction for television and video editing for TV commercials, documentaries and music videos; Jonathan then embarked on his photographic career in 2005.

His father, Dutch photographer Philip Mechanicus, has influenced Jonathan not so much in the manner of taking photographs but rather in the artful craft of developing and printing. To push and to hold back; this made a lasting impression. Jonathan fully incorporates this practice in digital developing and printing of his photography.

Mechanicus’ work has a distinct signature. Over- and under-exposing with enhanced contours have become trademarks of his style throughout the years. Capturing perfection in the moment, technique comes secondary. A maximum effect with minimal means. He strives to visually bring his subject to its essence, through the use of high contrast and careful distribution of light, adding depth with a rough grain.

Mechanicus shows the heart of the matter. His work intrigues and abstacts and thereby creates its own dimension.



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